Of all the green materials you could choose for a home, low-toxic paints and coatings are an important and relatively easy selection to make.   To do so is to take a big step towards creating a healthy living environment in your home.   According to the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency, paints and stains produce about 9% of the VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds emissions from consumer and commercial products, making them the second largest source of VOC emissions after automobiles!

Product Pick: True Value Easy Care Paint

Product Pick: True Value Easy Care Paint

EasyCare is formulated to the most rigid of VOC regulations, the south coast of California.   An environmentally friendly coating which not only meets, but exceeds the strictest industry standards, while delivering the performance you’d expect from True Value.   When you select quality True Value EasyCare paint, you not only get a truly green product, you also get a long-lasting, durable finish backed by our lifetime warranty.   Our EasyCare paint will look great in any room!

Product Features

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  1. Karl Reese on 02.21.2010

    The “how to’ video on painting was excellent. Thanks!

  2. admin on 02.23.2010

    Karl, it’s great to know our video was useful! We hope you enjoy your paint coupon. Check more from our video blog at http://www.youtube.com/user/EconomyHardware

  3. Carissa on 03.10.2010

    This is brilliant! I’ve been looking for a good brand of environmentally safe paint!

  4. admin on 03.17.2010

    Hey Carissa,
    I’m glad you found this post informative. Stay on the loop, we’ll be posting some more info on some other environmentally friendly products we carry in the stores and online. Good luck with your paint project!

  5. Doreen Huertas on 04.30.2010

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  6. Melanie on 02.19.2011

    I been painting my entire house with this true value easy care paint and I really like it. It covers well

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